• Computer Graphics - Day 10

    Day 10 Computer Graphics and Animation

    Critical Writing – Argumentative


    Some say that we live in an entertainment economy. Many of our daily activities are intentionally filled with some form of entertainment. One example might be shopping malls. Many view a shopping mall as just a place to visit many stores conveniently located in one location. Your parents might be among the people who believe malls are just for shopping. For you, however, shopping at a mall might be about meeting with friends and “hanging out.” In some towns, the mall is the only place outside of school to get together with friends. Do you think the mall is simply a grouping of stores to make shopping more convenient or is it a place designed for entertaining?

    Consider the elements listed below and write two paragraphs describing your answer and why you think you are correct.

    • Think about the graphics, colors, images, sounds, energy level and layout of the mall. Is it all pure accident or was it planned?

    • If you had to explain that you think the mall is a form of entertainment or just a group of stores located in one place, what would you say to support your opinion?

    • If you think a mall has entertainment value, describe what aspects of entertainment you find in a mall.

    • Describe mall features and facts to support your argument. Do the best you can to convince the reader that you are correct in your view of a mall.


    • Organization: Write an introduction in which you clearly state your position (your claim) about the issue, sequence all the information logically, and finish with a strong conclusion statement that supports your side of the argument.

    The Pre-Writing Writing Process

    1. Prewrite — Plan your writing by thinking about the topic and your


    2. Identify — Choose the main elements you wish to write about.

    (No more than 3.)

    3. Draft — Jot your ideas down in rough form.

    4. Revise — Change and improve the rough draft. Delete unnecessary

    parts and add important ideas you left out.

    5. Proofread — Correct spelling, punctuation, and clarity errors. Be sure the writing communicates your main points clearly.

    • Support: Provide support for your claim using accurate facts and evidence, and acknowledge the other side of the issue, the counterclaim.

    • Word choice: Select words and phrases that create relationships between the claim(s), counterclaim and evidence.

    • Mechanics: Use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.