• CAD - Day 10

    CAD DAY 10 Critical Writing – Argumentative


    Against tremendous odds, your dad won the lottery. The timing couldn’t be better because your mom is expecting triplets. Since your parents can now afford to buy a larger house to accommodate the growing family, they are talking about moving to a new neighborhood of larger homes. You and your sister, however, like your neighborhood and don’t want to move away from your school and friends. You have some experience on a CAD system and have ideas about how you could add on to your current house to create extra space for the triplets, without moving.

    • In a paragraph or two, write a description of what your recommended floor plan looks like and what new or updated features you have added using your CAD program.

    • Describe all the changes that will make your existing house more comfortable for a family of seven.

    • Describe at least three reasons why your plan is better for the entire family than moving to a larger house. You must persuade everyone that your solution is better for the entire family.


    • Organization: Write an introduction in which you clearly state your position (your claim) about the issue, sequence all the information logically, and finish with a strong conclusion statement that supports your side of the argument.

    • Support: Provide support for your claim using accurate facts and evidence, and acknowledge the other side of the issue, the counterclaim.

    • Word choice: Select words and phrases that create relationships between the claim(s), counterclaim and evidence.

    • Mechanics: Use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.