• Grant Geisler, Business Manager, is responsible for the operation of the business office, and supervises building and grounds, food service, student transportation, budgeting, legal compliance and more.

    Rebecca Minichiello, Accounts Payable and Federal Funds Bookkeeper, processes purchase orders and payments for Hillsboro-Deering and Washington School Districts and processes the payroll for Washington School District . In charge of daily bookkeeping, reporting and ordering for Federal grants.

    Annette Dolbeare, Payroll and Benefits Bookkeeper, processes the payroll for Hillsboro-Deering and SAU 34 and processes purchase orders and payments for SAU 34. She also handles benefit enrollment, benefit questions and annual contracts.

    James Bailey, Facilities Director is in charge of all aspects of buildings and grounds maintenance and operations. 

    Anna Muncy, Food Service Director runs the school breakfast and lunch program at all three Hillsboro-Deering Schools.

    First Student is the contractor for student transportation. For questions about daily bus dispatch call Cindy Turner at 547-9550


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